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Why Kidd Law Firm?

Kidd Law Firm is an Austin law firm dedicated solely to litigation, specializing in civil litigation. If you are currently involved in serious litigation, you need a serious trial lawyer — one with courtroom experience trying cases. We have that courtroom experience, and we represent parties from both sides of the docket.

The legal team at Kidd Law Firm thrives on variety and challenge. We pride ourselves on having tried an eclectic mix of cases for both plaintiffs and defendants.

The best results in a case are obtained by preparing the case for trial. We approach each case with the conviction that the case will be tried, and that is our reputation. By adopting that approach, we achieve the best results for our clients, whether that be by trial to a verdict, or by way of settlement.

While we will undertake representation on a standard fee arrangement, we routinely work on a contingent fee basis or on a results-based alternative fee arrangement. We are dedicated to working with our clients and succeeding together.